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Fresh Baked NYC Italian Bread

Freshly baked Italian bread from a bakery in the heart of New York City.  People who live in New York City know that the Italian bread from real Italian bakeries is the best in the world.  If you've moved out of state and you are a native New Yorker, you know that the bread from your new home state is just not the same as New York City Italian bread.  No one really knows why, but it is the truth that you just can't get really excellent Italian bread that tastes as authentic as New York City bread anywhere else but in New York City!!

Mountainside Diversified Online Store offers freshly baked authentic New York City Italian bread, available to be shipped worldwide! In order to ensure freshness, priority and overnight shipping methods are required for our Italian bread.  When you receive it, you can crisp it for just a few minutes in the oven and enjoy.  Keep it wrapped in a paper bag and it will keep to be enjoyed for several days after you receive it from us. 

There is no bread quite like real authentic New York City Italian bread, baked in a bakery in New York City!

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