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At Mountainside Diversified, our goal is to provide an online shopping experience like no other.  We have therefore taken the time to attend to every detail of your buying experience.

We offer a wide variety of premium products and services for the discerning 21st Century consumer.   Mountainside Diversifiede is a place where many different sorts of products are sold.   You'll find many 'green' products here, because that is the wave of the future. 

We also focus on products and services that are unusually creative and distinct.  From fine designer couture to consumer electronics, we know that what we offer is top drawer, bar none.

Offerings are carefully selected, and new items are added frequently.

Our organized and streamlined online store makes shopping here a truly enjoyable experience.

Clear and vivid full-size product photos, as well as descriptive text accompanying every product, make shopping with us fast, easy,  and most of all, enjoyable. Browse out selections, and there's a good chance you'll find something you feel is of value, and truly interesting.

We care that you are happy with your purchase, and we attend to every detail, to ensure that that's the case.

Expect fast and pleasant communication, whether by phone or e-mail.

Expect items to be as described or BETTER!

Expect prompt shipping .

And if something doesn't go as planned, expect a fast response.

Thank you, and enjoy the new site!

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